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The Chalet School Wins the Trick

Key Facts (Possible Spoilers)


School Facts:


The Headmistress is Miss Annersley
The School is on the Gornetz Platz, Switzerland.


Series Character Whereabouts:


Joey Maynard - is living at Freudeshiem on the Platz.
Biddy O'Ryan - Now Madame Courvoisier, she lives on the Platz with her husband and two children.
Len Maynard - is in Va and is dormitory prefect for Pansy.
Con Maynard - is in Va. According to her cousin, she has stopped writing poetry in favour of short stories.
Margot Maynard - is in Vb. She is close friends with Ruey Richardson and Francie Wilford.
Mary-Lou Trelawney - is studying at St Mildred's
Theodora Grantly - is in the Fifth Form and studying Latin at GCE level.
Jack Lambert - is in her second term at the Chalet School. She is in IIIa.




Roland Carey, the father of Verity and step-father of Mary-Lou, dies after an operation. Mary-Lou is ready to give up her career to look after her mother, but Joey Maynard intervenes.


Mary-Lou is able to help Audrey cope with the realisation that her father is sicker than she had been told. This, coupled with the knowledge that she will be attending the Chalet School next term, helps change Audrey's attitude.


Audrey becomes ashamed of her behaviour, especially when the Chalet School girls help find Win. At the end of the book she looks forward to becoming a pupil of the School.


The triplets and other students face their GCE exams. Although initially nervous, by the end of exams they are confident that years of hard work at the Chalet School will pay off.



contributed by Susannah Tiller, Australia __ working from a paperback edition